The Dark Side of Discord, Your Teen’s Favorite Chat App

First, below you are able to see a shot of the house bar we are cookin’ up. The house bar is actually kind of the master control panel to get into all of the upcoming goodness that the overlay is offering just like the Rich Presence game invite characteristic additionally you see below! Games with Rich Presence integration is going to allow you to invite as well as begin parties directly over the Discord overlay.

That is all of the photographs the design team allow discord bot to have. The next time, I will bribe them with a few salmon jerky to obtain more.

The designs and features below are subject to change since you are not the boss of mine and we are able to do what we would like, but also since we would like treating projects this way as breathing and living so we are able to nurture them to the very best of what they could be. Of course, hit us up with the feedback of yours via Twitter or even shed several suggestions on the feedback website of ours.

Discord is currently 3 years of age! Based on 3 year old developmental milestones, we’re able to properly naming well-known styles, drawing circles, and having a headshot as Hanzo – believe the dragon – and of course that was an url to a tweet with the very same joke. Thus joke I used it two times.

Seriously though, birthdays are actually a sacred business opportunity for us to look back again soon enough and find out exactly how much love as well as support all of you’ve provided us. It is part surreal and portion why am I crying?

We would like to say thank you to everyone that wished us happy birthday celebration! Thanks for all of the fan art form, kind words, and fresh vibes~~

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