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Pressures of our work life often lead to various problems of the body, mind and soul. If you are feeling stressed out and tired, then it is time for a spa vacation. Visiting a health spa in Guangzhou during your Beijing tour will definitely help in rejuvenating yourself and recapturing your erstwhile vigor. There are several spas in Guangzhou, which offer a variety of spa packages for you to choose from, depending on your requirement as well as your budget.

Spa Packages vs. Spa Treatments

Often people feel that spa vacations are only meant for the rich, without realizing that today, most cities, including Guangzhou, offer a variety of options that can be availed by even those on a stringent budget. In Guangzhou, most health spas offer a variety of massage therapies, beauty treatments as well as exercise and relaxation opportunities, which help in rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

There are spa resorts as well as individual spa treatment centers in the city, which cater to the needs of the individual. Therefore, you can either book yourself into one of the many spa packages offered by a resort or in the alternative, choose a health spa routine that you require. Spa vacation packages would include accommodation as well as treatment chosen for the period of stay. It could also include other treatments like beauty, salon, hair or sauna as well as exercise or meditation routine to help cleanse your system completely. Food is almost always included in the spa packages as it is the first step towards cleansing your system. However, if you are knowledgeable in the spa treatments available, then you can choose your preferred treatment individually and can avail it in the many day spas that are present in the city.

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Spa treatments offered in Guangzhou

A stay at any of the leading health spa resorts or hotels, including the Westin Hotel, Ritz Carlton Spa or Crosswaters Spa can let you avail a variety of treatments, which are available at their spa centers. All resorts employ professionally trained masseuses and spa experts to help you relax and rejuvenate.

The Ritz Carlton Spa is known for its signature spa treatments, which are seasonal in nature. For example, in autumn, their signature body treatment is Aquatherapy, which is done with Aromatic Moor Mud for a period of 75 minutes. Facial treatment during this time includes the Caviar and Pearl Anti Aging treatment among others, which is a ninety minute treatment that promotes renewal of the cells and reduces the wrinkles as well as fine lines seen on your face.

The Crosswaters Spa is well known for its Balinese spa treatments, which are usually conducted using natural ingredients with ancient healing methods, prevalent in Asia. These treatments are usually conducted by Balinese experts and ensure total harmony and balance of the mind and body.

You also can enjoy Bliss Spa, Thai Aromatherapy massage in No.108, Hai Tang Ge, 126 Lin He Dong Road,Tianhe District, Guangzhou.

Other spas in the city offer two hour massage packages, which include one hour body massage and one hour foot massage along with steam and sauna facility. Depending on your requirement as well as your budget, you can definitely plan a spa vacation in this wonderful city during your visit.

So, if you are feeling stressed, plan a vacation at any one of the many health spa resorts of Guangzhou and you will feel completely refreshed and relaxed.

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