Guangzhou Shopping - Shopper's Paradise

It is not unfair to call Guangzhou Shopping a "shopper's paradise". Buying merchandises in Guangzhou is a pleasant experience that will surely attract even those who are not inclined to shop whatever catches their fancy. Guangzhou China is undoubtedly one of the major centres for the foreign trade. The city has a huge stock for all the shoppers to explore. In fact, Guangzhou has something or the other for everyone. From expensive and designer clothing to trendy attire and accessories, you can fulfil all your shopping dreams over here.

The city has some extremely magnificent malls and streets, which offer you almost anything that you may desire. If you still can't decide what to shop for or where to head during your wonderful trip, here are some facts that can make your job of buying in Guangzhou a cakewalk.

Guangzhou shopping Grand View Mall in Tian He

These streets are famous for their extremely trendy atmosphere. Fashion and color are what you can explore over here. Smart and trendy wear are available in most places, from which you may take your pick.

You can start your fabulous experience by visiting the Shang Xia Jiu Lu Pedestrian Street. Being the first business street of the city that started functioning in September 1995, Shang Xia Jiu Pedestrian Street in Liwan district houses many old famous stores where you will get value for every dime spent on your purchase.

There are many retail stores, department stores, shops selling fashion accessories and attires, and you can get just about everything while shopping here. You may even enjoy the old buildings of this place that are a blend of European and Chinese architecture.

Guangzhou shopping Beijing Lu Shopping

Beijing Lu, often called the fashion street of the city, is another ideal place to visit in Guangzhou. May Flower Plaza is situated at the Beijing Lu and Zhongshanwu Road. Beijing Lu is home to many shops and department stores that feature a wide range of fashionable brands and merchandise in vogue. Book lovers can also take a look at the 'themed' bookstores, most of which sell anything from music and children's books to dictionaries. If you have a penchant for traditional Chinese paintings, stationary, and calligraphy, you can take a look at the stocks of Yanfang Photo Studio, Changjiang Musical Instruments Store and Jiya-zhai Studios.

Shoppers looking for modern electronic goods in Guangzhou China can head straight to the Gangding Business Zone. One of those malls named as Galaxy Computer Plaza, which is a big building with more than five floors. However, it pays to be careful while buying the goods as some people complain of having paid exorbitant sums only to recognize that they have got Chinese goods and not the original branded items.

If you want to visit one of the leading malls of Guangzhou, check out the Tee Mall. Spread across 160,000 square meters of space, this mall has seven floors and offers parking space for 3,000 cars. With numerous shops selling almost anything that you can think of, this place should certainly feature on your Guangzhou shopping itinerary.

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your list of items to buy and get set for the most enjoyable visiting experience in Guangzhou China.

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