Clothing and Garment Wholesale Market

Guangzhou Railway Station is the center of clothing and wholesale market in Guangzhou. It is the original and the oldest Guangzhou Station. It is surrounded by many wholesale industries, such as clothing wholesale distribution.

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Guangzhou Railway Station

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Guangzhou Railway Station Address: No. 159, Huanshi Xi Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China.
Tel: 020-61357581
Metro Subway Line #2 and Line #5

All along the Guangzhou Railway Station, on the western part, you can find Zhan Xi clothing distribution market. On the southern part of the Station, you can find Baima clothing Market. On the opposite side of the Station, you can find Liu Hua Clothing Wholesale center.

There is also very famous Shisanhang clothing wholesale distribution center nearby.

You can find all kinds of clothing including for women, men, suits, evening wear, casual wear, Tang Costume, shirts, jackets, coats, underwear , latest fashion trend, and the high-end apparel.


The average daily traffic to visit clothing and wholesale distribution center in Guangzhou exceeds tens of thousands of people with sales are well over Billions of dollar a year.

Guangzhou Jin Du clothing building
at Zhan Xi Lu

Jinma Clothing and Fashion Market in Yuexiu District of Guangzhou

Yima Fashion Clothing Market in Yuexiu District

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Fuli Market in Huan Shi Xi Road, Yuexiu District

Baima Clothing Distribution Center in Yuexiu District

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Jinxiang Underwear Market Place in Yuexiu District


Wedding Dresses Market, Jiangnan Da Dao, Haizhu District, Guangzhou

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Guangzhou Shi San Hang Clothing Market

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Zhong Shan Ba Lu Children and Garment Market


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